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Fitness Couple High Five

High Definition Fitness is a family vision that came to light once we placed our hearts and minds
to it! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying in shape, and supporting you on your
health journey is our ultimate goal. While getting in shape ourselves, finding comfortable and
durable workout options was challenging, so we decided to start High Definition Fitness. We
want you to look and feel good while maintaining your healthy lifestyle.


High Definition Fitness, LLC was founded by our fitness specialist, Demetris Simms. Demetris has a true passion for this fitness life. He holds a ten-year personal training certificate and believes that fitness is the key to a happy personal and family life. His knowledge and commitment compelled him to start High Definition Fitness. His wife, Co-Founder, Ashanti Simms, has a passion for fashion and has twenty-five years in the beauty industry. Her knowledge of fitness, fashion and beauty made it an easy decision to join the ride and assist Demetris along the way. While Demetris is the mastermind and expert, Ashanti sprinkles in just the right touch to help provide quality and fashionable products.

High Definition Fitness, LLC is committed to providing the best fabrics, designs and high quality products to ensure your comfort level is at an all-time high. Our comfortable products are suitable for all shapes and sizes. We take pride in our products and service and back them up unconditionally. We would like to assure you that with a proper diet, consistent exercise, along with our products, you are guaranteed to have
maximized weight loss results!

We welcome you to begin this healthy lifestyle journey with us. We will be cheering and supporting you along the way. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Welcome to High Definition Fitness!

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